McLeod Ross has moved to #650 - 375 Water Street, Vancouver. Phone numbers remain the same and our new office is open for business as of May 1, 2019.

604.682.3133 [Bruce] 604.669.1511 [Alan]

We take lawyer referrals. It’s a mainstay of our business. Whether you are a solicitor looking for dependable litigators, or a barrister with a complex case seeking seasoned counsel to take a trial, judicial review, or appeal, we can help.


If you are a solicitor and your client needs litigation advice or representation, we can consult with you or take conduct of the matter directly with your client. We appreciate that your recommendation of us reflect on you in the eyes of your clients. We act accordingly.


If you are a barrister and need to refer a file, or part of a file, you can count on us.

  • Conflict of interest? Over-worked? Refer the matter to us. We take the dispute and not the client. Dispute resolved, the client stays with your firm.
  • Does your case need a fresh perspective? We apply a creative, imaginative, and disciplined effort which can put a problematic case back on track or turn a troubled case into a winner.
  • Need help with a difficult hearing? Your well-prepared case might need experienced counsel for the hearing. We can help. In appropriate cases, we will act as co-counsel with originating lawyer.
  • Temporarily unable to act?  Once, when senior litigation counsel was accused of acting in conflict of interest (falsely) by an opposing party in time-sensitive, complex commercial litigation, Bruce took conduct. The litigation continued. The conflict allegations were refuted. Bruce returned on-going conduct of the matter to original counsel, with an order for special costs against the accusing party.

If you are a lawyer, contact us to discuss referral.



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