McLeod Ross has moved to #650 - 375 Water Street, Vancouver. Phone numbers remain the same and our new office is open for business as of May 1, 2019.

604.682.3133 [Bruce] 604.669.1511 [Alan]

In the modern dispute resolution marketplace, many turn to non-court alternatives. Precise figures vary, but 90 – 95% of all court cases settle before trial. Delay, expense, and uncertainty often motivate early resolution. Our motto: Litigation if necessary, but not necessarily litigation.

Litigation is our exclusive focus: court and administrative hearings, trials, appeals, and judicial review. Yet most of our cases do settle before trial. In our experience, and that of most other litigators, putting forward a strong litigation case puts you in position to negotiate the best possible settlement in the circumstances.

We are experienced with alternate means of dispute resolution: negotiation, formal mediation, and arbitration. If more cost-effective than going to court, we make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes without the expense and delay of court.

If you have questions about these forms of alternative dispute resolution or you need help resolving a dispute, please contact Bruce or Alan for a consultation.

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