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*Alan M. Ross provides legal services through A.M. Ross Law Corporation

Need help with a legal dispute? Rely on the experience and expertise of McLeod Ross for cost-effective and efficient resolution.

Years of experience working on diverse matters in a changing legal environment have sharpened our abilities to bring a focused, rigorous, and analytical approach to the problems, issues, and opportunities our clients bring us.

Sometimes a civil case requires something more: ingenuity, creativity, imagination, a fresh approach. We take those cases, digging for the legal basis or factual foundation which delivers our clients a better outcome.

For many people, litigation and trial can be an ordeal. Of course, trial should be an ordeal for some! The dishonest should find no comfort in the judicial process. But for most people, litigation is more distressing than it needs to be. We believe that proper attitude, common sense, hard work, and preparation can reduce the inevitable stress of litigation. Some of our clients have even said that they enjoyed the litigation process as well as a successful result.

We do not promise total victory every time. Beware of those who do. We do promise to apply our experience and expertise to your litigation issues, and, with hearts and minds engaged, to make the most of your legal position. We take seriously our professional obligation to discharge professional duties to clients resolutely, with self-respecting independence, and without fear of disfavour or unpopularity.

Whether you need advice on how to defuse a developing legal battle, or you wish to take a matter to the highest court in the land to win a just result, experience counts. We have it.

We have the skills to guide you through the potential swamps and thickets of litigation. Come talk to us.

About McLeod Ross

Bruce E. McLeod and Alan M. Ross are experienced, independent civil litigation lawyers who provide legal services out of shared offices located in downtown Vancouver, BC.  They have experience with clients of all sorts: from the corporate boardroom to the small business owner, from multi-millionaire to Main Street entrepreneur. They are friendly and approachable. They apply their breadth of experience and best efforts to help all their clients reach optimum outcomes.

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Meet Bruce and Alan

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We take lawyer referrals. It’s a mainstay of our business. Whether you are a solicitor looking for dependable litigators, or a barrister with a complex case seeking seasoned counsel to take a trial, judicial review, or appeal, we can help. We have have worked as co-counsel at trials and on appeal where counsel of record wanted support. We have taken over cases at all stages for hearings, trials, and appeals.

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Bruce E. McLeod
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Alan M. Ross
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